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Red Carpet Runway: Dress for Success Central Virginia 2015 Fundraiser Fashion Show

After months of preparation, the 2015 'Red Carpet Runway' Fundraiser Fashion Show was a huge success! Each year Dress for Success provides hundreds of women with professional attire. All of our clothing comes from generous public donations. Occasionally, we receive donations that are not appropriate for work. However we believe every article of clothing has a purpose. In 2012, we hosted our first Recycled Fashion Show and challenged local designers to create runway worthy designs from our collection of unworkable clothes. In a 'Project Runway' Style design competition, designers were also challenged to style our models using the gently used professional wear straight from our boutique, and they were judged by our guest panel of judges on 1) the designs they were able to create from our box of Recycled garments we gave them, and 2) their original looks they produce on their spare time or for their clothing businesses. The winners received various prizes where first place received over $500 worth of gifts. Take a gander at the video and the photos here below to see how the night turned out. We implore you to check us out next year as we plan on another spectacular night of fashion for RVA.

Event Summary:

Full Length Runway Coverage:

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