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Shop for Success 2015 Lookbook

Dress for Success Central Virginia is committed to proving that our community impact goes way beyond the suit. On top of providing women with career development tools and professional attire, we support local business, and talent in their endeavors! Being that the metro Richmond area has such a rich artistic community, we have reached out to the RVA Arts Community to provide local artists and designers a platform to expose their talents and gain experience in their chosen discipline. Click on the photo below and explore the "FASHION" tab to view all the beautiful fashion spreads created by these artists with all looks styled by yours truly.

This Look book is another way for us to support our emerging local talent! We reached out to various photographers, models, make-up artists and hair stylists to assist in creating fashion stories that showcase the amazing clothing donations we receive from our generous public. The pieces presented in the look book are an example of what items one can hope to purchase at our ‘Shop for Success: Anniversary Edition’ Fundraiser Sale event on July 18, 2015.

In my fashion, the work of these contributors was above par! I was very impressed and grateful for their professionalism, energy, and collaboration. I felt this sale was an opportunity to put these emerging artist to work in a capacity comparable to experiences they would get in larger cities for larger brand name companies or magazines. I come from the idea, that whether we reside in Paris, New York, or Richmond, fashion is occurring all around us and considering our sales goals for ‘Shop for Success’, I figured this was the perfect way to employ their talents in this marketing campaign for Dress for Success Central Virginia.

Now these artist have new material for their portfolio, and we all were able to gain experiences to understand how to perform in a team environment, and understand how we would want to conduct ourselves for our own business endeavors. For emerging artists, Dress for Success Central Virginia understands that we all have to start from somewhere. Just like the women we serve who are able to go forth in life with new confidence towards economic independence, we hope that emerging artists can use there experiences with us to move to the next level in their professional careers as artists. Everyone’s definition of success is different, but regardless of the dream, there is always a journey to success.

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